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Since 1953

Pup Starting and Training for both Hunting & Brace Field Trial Beagles

All Age Conditioning in our large trainiing area - $7 per day

NEW PUP STARTING FEES. We have built a smaller training enclosure to fast start pups. Our rate is $100 to start. Starting means your pup has opened on it's own and will word with its nose down. Once started you have 48 hours to pick your pup up or there is a $5 per day boarding/training fee.

Note: With Goober's death I no longer have a stud dog here. Contact me if you are looking to farm out one.

I have a lot of hounds to train so book early. We have a full kennel here much of the time.

I often have rabbit gun hounds for sale. These are priced based on the GRADING below. Please don't call and say stuped things like are they slow, fast, have they been gunned over, etc. Gun dogs used for hunting are fast, they have been GUNNED over, and again are priced as they are graded. Normally, the price for younger hounds goes up the longer I have the hound since it gets a lot of work while here. Also, you get to try the hound for a week so you can decide worth.

Licensed Dog Trainer on Staff for Obedience Training all Breeds

At Stud: Brace Fd Ch Conewago Mountain Goober
Fd Ch Del-Hart Beefeater x Fd Ch Cabin Creek Piperette 2nd

This is a super bred hound.

Watch FC Muddy Creek Bobby Ray and FC Conewago Mountain Goober on a line.
Here is another shot of these two great Field Champion Beagles in action.

Perfect seven-plus acre bottomland training area with good cover and plenty of rabbits located in Southern Maryland. Easier to jump rabbits and run hounds here than most clubs. I'm not sure of the future of clubs in this area, primarily due to poor management, so I built my own grounds. Holding kids only brace trials here every couple of months. Let me know if you are interested.

I am semi-retired and work hounds every day unless it's raining or snow covered. However, you must call or email to see if I have room as I don't take more then 8 hounds at any one time. No pups under 5 months or shy dogs accepted. If it's too shy I'll call and have you take them back. I train more beagles - both hunting and brace trial - than anyone else in this area.



If your pup does not start after 30 days, don't blame me and ask for a refund - blame your pup. Lots of folks bring pups here after they have been to other grounds and then expect miracles. Also, I don'e accept checks as this has been a problem in the past as well. All hounds worked individually several hours per week as needed. NOTE: Current rates for all age conditioning are $45 per week (or $7 per day) due to high feed and running grounds costs. I do not work hounds with sight chases. I will work them in the dark or in heavy cover as needed. Also, I have had problems in the past with those who bring hounds to train and then don't show up for weeks after to pick them up. Therefore please read this training agreement and bring it with you when you bring your hound and your two fee.

I don't raise pups but sometimes help others sell their young dogs as plenty of folks call me all the time. Drop me a note.


You can reach me by email. Member of Patapsco Ridge Beagle Club and Southern Maryland Beagle Club

For the benefit of those new to the net, this page has been here since early 1993 (it is the net's first Beagle oriented internet page). I started trial Beagling in 1953 and belong to a brace club close to my home. If you are a brace beagler in the area, drop by with your best for a visit and run.

Beaglers who bring me hounds during the winter months please call ahead of time to make sure I don't have frozen grounds. When the ground freezes pups won't start easily. I also can't work rabbits when it rains hard as they get wet and die.

List of Field Champions Who Have Called Tikiline Their Home

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